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TruContain® Containment Mat System

TruContain® Containment Mat System

TruContain® Containment Mat system: Live your life, we'll contain the mess! The TruContain® system is the perfect containment mat to keep snow off your garage floor or keep the mud from your four-wheeler from messing up the entire garage. TruContain® is a containment mat for snow, containment mat for mud and a containment mat for oil. In short, life happens in the garage, TruContain® contains the mess.


  • No Assembly Required
  • Installs in minutes, not hours
  • Attractive gray color
  • Thicker and stronger than the leading competitor.

Just Plain Better

We looked at the various containment mats on the market and we built ours...well better. There are thick containment mats that require assembly and thing assembly mats that come in one piece. We built a thicker, one piece containment mat. Not only does it have a warranty four times longer than our leading competitor, but if you damage the mat, we'll let you trade it in. We improved the color, the raw material and even the installation instructions. TruContain® is the new standard in garage floor containment mats

Lets face it, the cars and trucks we drive are getting bigger. That's why we have stock sizes up to 22'. Our longer mats are also wider so you have more room to park your car.

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Use the selectors below to find the exact length of any vehicle, along with our recommendations for the best TruContain® floor mat fit for your garage.


Your vehicle is      in overall length. Based on our available data...

Please Note: It is the customer's responsibility to confirm vehicle length as there are many variables. Our suggestions are based off an ideal mat size being approximately 2′ longer than your vehicle, and the absolute minimum mat size being approximately 1′ longer than your vehicle. Please use your own best judgement to make a final decision.

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Our distribution points are available for pre-sale and pricing questions.

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