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Interlocking Tiles for Garage Floors and More

TrueLock garage floor tiles and industrial PVC tiles are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial application. TrueLock tiles are available in a flexible PVC or a polypropylene in a wide variety of of colors and patterns. All TrueLock garage floor tiles are manufactured for All Weather Floors in the USA.


  • American Made
  • Time Tested
  • Variety of materials, colors and patterns.
  • No adhesive, no floor prep and no mess.

TrueLock All Weather Floors

All Weather Floors product is manufactured to the highest standards. Let's face it, being located on the Western Slope of Colorado, we have a unique prospective on what your floor should be able to withstand high heat, freezing cold and a whole lot of snow. It should put up with muddy tires, oil drips and hot tires. Regardless of what you need from your garage floor tile or industrial tile, the TrueLock brand from All Weather Floors has Tru fit for what you need.

Our interlocking tiles are designed to cover the concrete floor in its existing condition. There is no need to make cosmetic repairs, grind, etch or spend a lot of your time making the concrete look better. In most cases, a few hours is all it takes to install an interlocking tile floor.

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Our distribution points are available for pre-sale and pricing questions.

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